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by Isaac Tan

I am a Freelance Digital Illustrator based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia who loves to tell stories through digital art and illustration. I graduated with a Diploma in Animation & Multimedia Design in 2017 and a Bachelor's Degree in Digital Film Production in 2021. I have over 4 years of work experience in the creative industry having worked in video production and graphic design. I strive to keep learning, improving and bringing creative ideas to life.

Xirf Digital Illustration Works specializes in Character Illustrations, Background Art, Detailed Scenes and Environment Illustrations


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"Huge vouch for this artist. Hella reliable and fast. Keeps you updated frequently and makes changes as you ask, doesn’t complain or nothing. Vouch"

Zek0919 - Visual Novel Creator

"If you want great talent and reliable work ethic, then this artist is the one for you. Their art style is exquisite just as their timing. They’re great with directions and suggestions. What I like most about them is how patient and understanding they are with their clients, and how reliable, like I said before, they can be with time. To sum it up, and excuse my French, if you’re looking for an artist who has no time for bullish!t, then this ones your guy! It was a pleasure doing business with them and look forward to more opportunities in the future!"

John M. "JD" Dyess - Writer/Director

"The instant we laid eyes on Xirf's vibrant and detailed landscapes, we were blown away. Working with him has been a joy, and his ability to produce fantastic artwork in a short amount of time is nothing less than incredible. We consider it a privilege and a point of pride for our brand that our streaming backgrounds and RPG visual aids have been designed by such a talented artist."

The Dungeon Lounge - Twitch Streamers

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